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The Modern Construction Firm -


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ISBN: 978-1-349-13628-5
Seiten: 172
Autor: Jacqueline Cannon
Herausgeber: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Erscheinungsdatum: 06.02.1990
1st ed. 1990

‚A refreshing and useful addition to the folklore of management. All in all this is a worthwhile insight into the management views and structure of some of our leading construction companies.‘ – J.J. Farrow, Chartered Builder This volume describes and analyses the behaviour of large UK construction firms in the determination and implementation of their strategy. It covers, in addition to the selection of objectives and the methods for their achievement, policies on growth and diversification, finance, marketing and bidding, international operations, management and labour and subcontracting. Throughout the book the relationship is examined between the theory outlined in the companion volume and the actual behaviour of firms. The final chapter concludes with a discussion of the means to bridge the gaps which are found to exist between theory and practice.

The Modern Construction Firm -

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