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Research and Development of High Temperature Materials for Industry -

List of Contents.- 1. Advanced High Temperature Materials.- 2. Materials Potential.- 2.1. Alloys.- 2.1.1. High Temperature Steels for Power Plant R.D. Townsend, CERL Leatherhead.- 2.1.2. Developments in Heat-Resisting Alloys for Petrochemical Plant J.J.Jones, Lake&Elliot Paramount Ltd..- 2.1.3. High Temperature, Oxidation-Resisting FeCrAl Steels S.R. Keown, Consultant Metallurgist.- 2.1.4. Superalloys, base: nickel, cobalt, iron and chromium C.H. White, Inco Alloys Ltd.- 2.1.5 Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Alloys C.H. White, IncoAlloysLtd..- 2.1.6. Refractory Metals and Alloys Reck, Metallwerk Plansee GmbH.- 2.1.7. Titanium S.F. Pugh, Consultant Metallurgist.- 2.1.8. The Platinum Group Metals S.F. Pugh, Consultant Metallurgist.- 2.1.9. Intermetallic Compounds for High Temperature Use P. Costa, ONERA.- 2.2. Coatings.- 2.2.1. Claddings and Co-extruded Tubes T. Flatley, C.W. Morris, CEGB Leeds.- Coatings, Metallic and Ceramic (Thermal Barrier) for Turbine Applications
R. Mevrel,ONERA.- 2.3. Composites.- 2.3.1. Metal matrix Composites R. Warren, Chalmers University.- 2.3.2. Ceramic matrix Composites R. Warren, Chalmers University.- 2.4. Ceramics.- 2.4.1. Engineering Ceramics and Pyrolytic Materials D.J. Godfrey, Admiralty Research Establishment.- 2.4.2. Refractories J.T. van Konijnenburg, HoogovensB.V..- 3. Materials Production.- 3.1. Alloys.- 3.1.1. Alloy Production R. Brunetaud, Consultant Metallurgist.- R. Brunetaud, Consultant Metallurgist.- High Temperature Materials S.F. Pugh, Consultant Metallurgist.- 3.2. Ceramics and Refractories.- 3.2.1. Ceramics and Pyrolytic Materials D.J. Godfrey, Admiralty Research Establisment.- 3.2.2. Powder Production for Structural Ceramics F. Cambier, A. Leriche, CRIBC.- 3.3. Composites.- 3.3.1. Metal matrix Composites R. Warren, Chalmers University.- 3.3.2. Ceramic matrix Composites R. Warren, Chalmers University.- 3.4. Joining.- 3.4.1. Joining of Metallic Materials T.G. Gooch, Welding Institute.- 3.4.2. Joining of Advanced Ceramics for High Temperature Applications KM. Ostyn, Research Centre of the Belgian Welding Institute S.D. Peteves, Joint Research Centre, Petten A.C. Vinckier, State University Ghent.- 4. Materials Constraints in the High Temperature Industrial Technologies.- 4.1. Energy Production and Conversion -Fossil Energy.- 4.1.1. The Combustion Technologies D.B. Meadowcroft, CERL Leatherhead.- 4.1.2. Steam Cycle Power Plant D.B. Meadowcroft, CERL Leatherhead.- 4.1.3. Coal Gasification Materials for Plant Construction D.M. Lloyd, British Coal Corporation.- 4.1.4. Fuel Cells K Joon, S.B. v.d. Molen, E.H.P. Cordfunke, Netherlands Energy Centre.- 4.1.5. Magneto-hydrodynamic Energy Conversion F. Negrini, University of Bologna.- 4.2. Materials Constraints in Petrochemical Plant F.J. Vaes, Dow Chemicals B.V..- 4.3. High Temperature Materials Problems in Fusion and Fission Power Generation, S.F. Pugh, Consultant Metallurgist.- 4.4. Engines.- 4.4.1. Aero Gas Turbines S. Newsam, Rolls Royce pic.- 4.4.2. Marine Gas Turbines J.F.G. Conde, Materials Consultant.- 4.4.3. Turbines for Motor Vehicles J.F.G. Conde, Materials Consultant.- 4.4.4. Reciprocating Engines -Diesel- Otto D.J. Godfrey, Admiralty Research Establishment.- 4.6. Materials used in the Processing of Super alloys J. Morlet, Imphy SA.- 4.7. Materials for Sensors to be used at High Temperature O. De Pous, Eniricerche Monterondo.- 4.8. Materials for Furnaces D. Brun, Stein Heurtey SA.- 5. Optimisation of Components.- 5.1. Testing Metrology
M.S. Loveday, National Physical Laboratory.- 5.2. Prior Inspection/NDE W.N. Reynolds, NDT Centre, AERE Harwell.- 5.3. Design of Materials for Components.- 5.3.1. Basic Principles for Modelling of Deformation and Rupture D.R. Hayhurst. Sheffield University.- 5.3.2. Life Prediction and Residual Life Assessment G.W. Greenwood. Sheffield University.- 5.3.3. New Approach to Materials Design. Calculated Phase Equilibria for Composition and Structural Control T.G. Chart. T.I. Barry. National Physical Laboratory.- 5.3.4. Design Concepts for Ceramic Materials J. Lamon. Battelle Institute.- 5.3.5. Structural Design Methods and Rules for Metallic Components
Operating at High Temperatures F. Schubert. Kemforschungsanlage Jülich.- 6. Future Trends in High Temperature Technology and the Implications for Materials R&D.- 7. Conclusions.


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Research and Development of High Temperature Materials for Industry -

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