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Reference Data on Atomic Physics and Atomic Processes -


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ISBN: 3280049
Seiten: 176
Autor: Boris M. Smirnov
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.09.2008

Each scientist works with certain information and collects it in the course of prof- sional activity. In the same manner, the author collected data for atomic physics and atomic processes. This information was checked in the course of the author’s p- fessional activity and was published in the form of appendices to the corresponding books on atomic and plasma physics. Now it has been decided to publish these data separately. This book contains atomic data and useful information about atomic particles and atomic systems including molecules, nanoclusters, metals and condensed s- tems of elements. It also gives information about atomic processes and transport processes in gases and plasmas. In addition, the book deals with general concepts and simple models for these objects and processes. We give units and conversion factors for them as well as conversion factors for spread formulas of general physics and the physics of atoms, clusters and ionized gases since such formulas are used in professional practice by each scientist of this area.

Reference Data on Atomic Physics and Atomic Processes -

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