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Pattern Recognition - 25th DAGM Symposium, Magdeburg, Germany, September 10-12, 2003, Proceedings

Image Analysis I.- Coherence-Enhancing Shock Filters.- Spherical Decision Surfaces Using Conformal Modelling.- Median Filtering of Tensor-Valued Images.- Edge and Junction Detection with an Improved Structure Tensor.- Invited Paper.- Who’s Who? Challenges in Biometric Authentication.- Image Analysis II.- Optimal Scale Selection for Circular Edge Extraction.- Localization of Piled Boxes by Means of the Hough Transform.- Image Analysis III.- Training and Recognition of Complex Scenes Using a Holistic Statistical Model.- Combining White-Patch Retinex and the Gray World Assumption to Achieve Color Constancy for Multiple Illuminants.- Postersession I.- Method of Creating of Functional Invariants under One-Parameter Geometric Image Transformations.- Gaze Detection System by Wide and Auto Pan/Tilt Narrow View Camera.- Distribution Distance Measures Applied to 3-D Object Recognition – A Case Study.- Classification with Controlled Robustness in High-Resolution SAR Data.- 3D Reconstruction of Human Skeleton from Single Images or Monocular Video Sequences.- Shape Preservation during Digitization: Tight Bounds Based on the Morphing Distance.- Evaluation of Uniform and Non-uniform Optical Flow Techniques Using Finite Element Methods.- Colour Image Analysis in 3D-Polar Coordinates.- Pixel Classification by Divergence-Based Integration of Multiple Texture Methods and Its Application to Fabric Defect Detection.- A Probabilistic Definition of Intrinsic Dimensionality for Images.- Learning Human-Like Opponent Behavior for Interactive Computer Games.- Rotationally Invariant Wavelet Shrinkage.- Hierarchical Method for Stereophotogrammetric Multi-object-position Measurement.- On Robust Regression in Photogrammetric Point Clouds.- A Visual Quality Inspection System Based on a Hierarchical 3D Pose Estimation Algorithm.- Using an Active Shape Structural Model for Biometric Sketch Recognition.- Domain Decomposition for Parallel Variational Optical Flow Computation.- Fuzzy Modeling Based Recognition of Multi-font Numerals.- System Concept for Image Sequence Classification in Laser Welding.- 3D Parametric Intensity Models for the Localization of Different Types of 3D Anatomical Point Landmarks in Tomographic Images.- Comparing Clustering Methods for Database Categorization in Image Retrieval.- Locally Optimized RANSAC.- Invited Paper.- Splines and Wavelets: New Perspectives for Pattern Recognition.- Calibration and 3-D Shape.- Robust Camera Calibration from Images and Rotation Data.- FFT-Based Disparity Estimation for Stereo Image Coding.- Projective Reconstruction of Surfaces of Revolution.- Illumination Insensitive Template Matching with Hyperplanes.- Robust Orientation, Calibration, and Disparity Estimation of Image Triplets.- Recognition.- Fast Feature Selection in an HMM-Based Multiple Classifier System for Handwriting Recognition.- Empirical Analysis of Detection Cascades of Boosted Classifiers for Rapid Object Detection.- Local Representations for Multi-object Recognition.- Motion.- A Generative Model Based Approach to Motion Segmentation.- A New View at Differential and Tensor-Based Motion Estimation Schemes.- Real-Time Texture-Based 3-D Tracking.- Postersession II.- Hierarchy of Partitions with Dual Graph Contraction.- One-Class Classification with Subgaussians.- A Hybrid Distance Map Based and Morphologic Thinning Algorithm.- A Computational Model of Early Auditory-Visual Integration.- On the Relevance of Global Knowledge for Correlation-Based Seismic Image Interpretation.- Automatic Pixel Selection for Optimizing Facial Expression Recognition Using Eigenfaces.- Robust Image Sequence Mosaicing.- Gibbs Probability Distributions for Stereo Reconstruction.- Partial Optimal Labeling Search for a NP-Hard Subclass of (max,+) Problems.- Extraction of Orientation from Floor Structure for Odometry Correction in Mobile Robotics.- On Consistent Discrimination between Directed and Diffuse Outdoor Illumination.- Genetic Algorithm-Based Video Segmentation with Adaptive Population Size.- Component Fusion for Face Detection in the Presence of Heteroscedastic Noise.- Block Matching Integrating Intensity, Hue, and Range.- Geometric Segmentation and Object Recognition in Unordered and Incomplete Point Cloud.- Real-Time Inspection System for Printed Circuit Boards.- Real-Time System for Counting the Number of Passing People Using a Single Camera.- Multiple Classifier Systems for the Recognition of Orthoptera Songs.- A Region Based Seed Detection for Root Detection in Minirhizotron Images.- Image Retrieval Using Local Compact DCT-Based Representation.- Variance Component Estimation in Performance Characteristics Applied to Feature Extraction Procedures.- A New Distance Measure for Probabilistic Shape Modeling.- Generating Rotation-Invariant Texture Features by Randomization of Operator Orientation.- Biomedical Applications.- Estimation of Skill Levels in Sports Based on Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Correspondences.- Determining Position and Fine Shape Detail in Radiological Anatomy.- Solutions for Model-Based Analysis of Human Gait.- Robust Hand–Eye Calibration of an Endoscopic Surgery Robot Using Dual Quaternions.- Pose Estimation.- Real-Time Recognition of 3D-Pointing Gestures for Human-Machine-Interaction.- Pose Estimation of Cylindrical Fragments for Semi-automatic Bone Fracture Reduction.- Pose Estimation of Free-Form Surface Models.- Applications.- IR Pedestrian Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.- Color-Based Object Tracking in Multi-camera Environments.- Improving Children’s Speech Recognition by HMM Interpolation with an Adults’ Speech Recognizer.- Invited Paper.- Image Sequence Analysis in Environmental and Live Sciences.


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Pattern Recognition - 25th DAGM Symposium, Magdeburg, Germany, September 10-12, 2003, Proceedings

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