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Innovation and Structural Change in Post-Socialist Countries: A Quantitative Approach -


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ISBN: 4989718
Seiten: 451
Autor: David A. Dyker
Herausgeber: Springer Netherland
Erscheinungsdatum: 06.12.2012

This book uses a range of S&T and structural indicators to analyse the transfonnation process, in particular the transfonnation of science, technology and industry, in the fonner communist countries. The book originates from a sense of the tremendous need for quantitative indicators for assessing trends and perfonnance in the post-socialist economies. S&T systems in the region have passed through the first phase of rapid deterioration, or as it is called by some analysts ‚implosion‘. After ten years of transfonnation we are witnessing a process of increasing differentiation of these countries in tenns of general patterns of growth and structural change, as well as specific lines of restructuring in their S&T systems. The question of sources of growth – or indeed of stagnation – is an increasingly urgent one, from both the policy and academic perspectives. In that context there is a pressing need for in-depth assessment of restructuring patterns in science, technology and industry in the region, as a basis for understanding how restructuring in S&T is linked to industrial restructuring, and to general economic and social transfonnation. As the contributions to this volume show, there is now a critical mass of quantitative data across the post-socialist countries which deserves to be studied more thoroughly in a comparative manner. The changes of the last ten years have produced varying patterns of adjustment which are now clearly visible in S&T and structural indicators.

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