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History of Polyolefins - The World’s Most Widely Used Polymers

1. Introduction to History of Polyolefins.- 2. The Discovery of Polyethylene and Its Effect on the Evolution of Polymer Science.- 3. Research Work in High Pressure Polyethylene Synthesis at cdf Chimie.- 4. The History of the Crosslinking of Polyolefins.- 5. Early Polyolefin Synthesis with Ziegler Catalysis.- 6. History of Crystalline Polypropylene.- 7. An Overview of Polypropylene Resins.- 8. History of Helical Structures in Vinyl Polymers.- 9. Polyolefin Elastomers.- 10. Optically Active Polyolefins.- 11. Ethylene Copolymer Ionomers.- 12. Catalysis and the Polyethylene Revolution.- 13. The Development of High Activity Catalysts in ?-olefin Polymerization.- 14. The Role of MgCl2 on the Activity of Olefin Polymerization.- 15. Synthesis of Polyolefins with Homogeneous Ziegler-Natta Catalysts of High Activity.- 16. CNRS Contribution to the Phillips Catalysts.- 17. Controlled Rheology of PP Resins.- 18. Conclusions, Raymond B. Seymour..- Index..


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History of Polyolefins - The World’s Most Widely Used Polymers

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