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ECKANKAR - The Key to Secret Worlds -

The rockets of the twenty-first century have ushered man into the exciting frontiers of outer space. But what of his inner universe? Unfortunately, it remains a black hole of mystery and speculation. The lightning-fast pace of today leaves us with little time to ask: What on earth am I doing here? Our search for love, wisdom, and freedom has so far been mostly in vain. Then our eyes catch sight of the enchanting words Soul Travel! Dare we hope? Soul Travel is the means the great saints have always used to find the secred kingdom of God while still in their physical bodies. Today, the worlds of God again beckon the restless and weary traveler. All he needs for this journey is a road map and a willing heart. ECKANKAR – The Key to Secret Worlds is the map, but the reader must bring his willingness and curiosity.


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