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Don Giovanni - Einführung und Kommentar. Textbuch/Libretto.

Mozart’s ‚Don Giovanni‘, one of the most frequently played and most popular operas since its world premiere in Prague in 1787, is based on the old familiar figure of the ‚womanizer‘. The character of the promiscuous Don Juan has at all times been the topic of research and discussions. The success of the dramatic character is owed to the audience’s identification with him. The fact that this opera, on top of that, has been successful at all performances, is due to the combination of demanding libretto (Da Ponte) with the unmistakable music of Mozart.Apart from the libretto, this edition contains introductory commentaries of Kurt Pahlen who also adds information on the compositional structure and context to the musical as well as external and internal dramatic action of the opera. A short synopsis and a brief outline of the genesis bring the work into relation with the composer’s entire oeuvre and life, thus offering a comprehensive, richly illustrated introduction.


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Don Giovanni - Einführung und Kommentar. Textbuch/Libretto.

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