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Current Update in Psychoimmunology -

Psychoimmunology: basic research and an integrative view.- Psychoneuroimmunology and neuroendocrinology — an integrative view.- The role of the autonomous nervous system in the dialogue between the brain and immune system.- Analysis of gene expression of human brain.- New trends in neuropsychiatry: polyimmunotherapy — a new way of treatment in neurology and psychiatry. The 5S–7S Tilz protocol and the antigen clearing deficiency syndromes.- Schizophrenia: immunological measurements.- Immunological alterations in three types of schizophrenia.- Cytokine abnormalities in schizophrenia: a review of their pathogenic significance, with particular reference to the autoimmune hypothesis.- Relationship between immune and behavioral measures in schizophrenia.- Immunomodulatory effects of neuroleptics to the cytokine system and the cellular immune system in schizophrenia.- Cytokines in schizophrenia. Results from a longitudinal study.- Immunological aspects in mental disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.- Psychoimmunology, anxiety disorders and TMJ-disorders.- Immunological alterations and neuropsychiatric symptoms: antimicroglia antibodies and psychopathological subgroups in Alzheimer’s disease.- Platelet antibodies in mental disorder.- Plasma levels of interleukin 1? and interleukin 6 in mental disorders.- Electrobiophysiological and neuroimaging aspects.- Effects of cytokines on human EEG and sleep.- Role of cingulate gyrus during Wisconsin card sorting test: a single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) study.


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Current Update in Psychoimmunology -

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